Consciously curated brands, founder stories, and reviews to help you find the best brands and products for your home.

Our mission is to help you make more informed decisions about the brands and products you share your home with. On Living Cozy you will find brands that are:


We curate brands that are founded with clear values, a purpose beyond profit and an authentic story.

Built to Last

We feature brands that are leading the fight against fast furniture and making high-quality products that are designed to last.

Sustainably Crafted

We love brands that source materials locally, use sustainable and ethical practices and actively work to reduce waste.
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We test products, so you know which brands to trust

We build furniture, examine sofas for their binge-watching comfort, and put the internet's best products to the test. Our contributors test homeware, furniture, and kitchen products in our studio and at home to give you true-to-life feedback and recommendations you can trust.

Discover your new favorite brands and products

On our blog, you'll find roundups and reviews of the best modern home and furniture brands you can buy from online.